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Mountain Sniper Strike

4.0 ( 1040 ratings )
Sport Spiele Action Abenteuer
Entwickler Galassia Studios

Get ready for best fps endless shooter game & test your modern combat counter terrorist skills in 3D fast-paced critical strike elite sniper shooting game. The Mountain Sniper Strike sniper assassin will let you experience the action packed modern strike sniper hero mission to aim shoot & kill the terrorist & war criminals in the counter terrorism endless frontier. You need to aim shoot incredible global terrorists by your limited ammo and trusty sniper rifle because you are best vr sniper shooter of SWAT team and push the enemies back with your anti gangster assault. Shoot to kill the terrorist in the forbidden city of borderline warfare battle zone, to counter terrorist like agent sniper shooter hero in this endless frontier. Take revenge from mighty incredible monster & gangsters to get freedom in critical action strike as a headshot killer and a gangster killer. You need to counter terrorist attacks and lead the gangster assault on the borderlines of this critical strike of battle zone. Once you start to kill the terrorists with your SWAT sniper team as a lone sniper, make sure to don’t let them counter your attack back. Do not hesitate to aim shoot your distant enemy and kill them brutally to become best marksman & commando strike rifleman.
Gangster killer terrorists have attacked at your secret base camp and you need to call all security agencies to make them alert for fight in the borderline forbidden city in this swat strike sniper game. You are selected as a best elite sniper shooter and you are going to kill incredible monster in this modern combat commando strike. Mountain area covered by SWAT team agent and you are leading this anti crime police sniper shooter squad in this endless shooter 3D. Army sniper shooting team has been already on frontline of frontier to combat global terrorists by assault modern weapons like m4a1, Ak47 & machine gun. Mighty incredible monster is trying to kill you but your survival is important so be careful in this swat strike brutal war and do not let him & war criminals escape the forbidden city in this counter terrorism modern combat critical strike.
Incredible monster enemy uses all his supernatural powers in this last battle to attack you lethally. Lock & load your gun, assassin your target hard & make your best effort in anti crime critical counter terrorist war. Sniper shooting commando trying to protect their basecamp from grand monster meanwhile you have to shoot him from the mountain to win this war. This free to play sniper assassin game 2017 is completely wonderful with change fighting environment & dangerous weapons. So, play this incredible strike sniper shooting game to win the war against terrorist and emerge as a sniper hero in this 3D sniper endless shooter.

Features of Mountain Sniper Strike - Free Sniper Shooter Game:
• Incredible gameplay & environment
• Immersive & attractive 3D graphics
• Mind-blowing tactics to counter your enemy
• Realistic sound effects